How do I know if I should be tanning with a BRONZER or TINGLE lotion?

  • Lotions that contain bronzers are a wonderful option to help enhance your tanning results. Single Bronzers have a cosmetic bronzer in the lotion to help you tan naturally, and also add a bronze highlight on the surface of your skin. Dual Bronzers have both this cosmetic bronzer, as well the same DHA that is in the Mystic tan solution. So, you get triple results by tanning naturally, allowing the DHA to oxidize your skin to deepen the color, and by adding a cosmetic bronzer to the surface of your skin.
  • A “tingle” lotion is a lotion that contains Niacin. This helps to stimulate the blood flow, which helps to boost your tanning results. You will be very red when you leave (and you will feel a tingle), which will fade as time passes. This is a great lotion for anyone who has hit a plateau with their tanning and need to break through it.

Why would I need to tan with indoor tanning lotion? When I went in to tan, I was told it was important.

  • It is also important to switch up your lotion to continually stimulate your skin and enhance your results.


Why am I asked to update my contact information when I make changes to my account? Why is this necessary?

  • From time to time we do need to contact a member regarding important information. If you are a current monthly auto-draft (EFT) member, then you have the privilege of receiving mail- or email-only discounts and offers that no one else has access to. You will be required to bring the email offer in with you to take advantage of it, so it is important that we have an updated address informatio for you. Also, any important updates, special events or policy changes are emailed to anyone who tans with us.
  • If we have the correct contact information for you, we can make sure you are aware if anything has come up since we last spoke with you.

I changed banks or credit card numbers. How can I update my billing account?

  • You will simply need to visit any of our stores in person with the updated billing information (new credit/debit card or voided check), so that you can provide the proper authorization for us to change your billing information. Make sure you do so before the cut-off date!

I was charged for a month that I didn’t tan. Can I be refunded that amount?

  • We do not offer refunds for services that are not used.
  • When you are on a monthly auto-draft (EFT) membership, you are responsible to pay your dues each month whether or not you choose to utilize the service.
  • If you paid for your membership upfront (PIF) you are paying for tanning through a specific expiration date. It is your responsibility to take advantage of the service you have paid for before it expires.
  • I don’t have a checking account or credit card that you can bill monthly for a membership. What other options do I have?
  • We do require that you provide us a valid billing account for a monthly, auto-draft (EFT) membership. However you can do a Paid-in-Full (PIF) membership instead.
  • You can pay for a membership upfront, in increments of 1 visit, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year!
  • You do not have the option to Freeze or Cancel a Paid-in-Full (PIF) membership, so be sure that you only purchase as far in advance as you know you will be able to tan.

Can my friend or family member share my membership?

  • No. Due to State & Federal Laws, only one person is allowed to tan on an account at a time so that the dates & times of each tan by that specific person may be tracked as required by law.

My friend or family member wants to pay for my membership. Do they have to come in as well?

  • Yes. Anyone who is to be charged for tanning services or products must be present to give their initial authorization. Once they have given us their initial authorization for the monthly membership charges, they will not be required to visit us again (unless they want to tan, of course).


Can I tan if I have a tattoo?

  • Yes! Be sure to cover your tattoo with an SPF product to help prevent any fading. We offer a Tattoo Balm Stick that will help you accurately “draw” the SPF over your tattoo to also help prevent any tattoo tan lines.

I have been given an exclusive offer coupon/card to get some free tans. How do I use them?

  • This offer gives you a free “test drive” of Celebrity Tan.
  • The free tans can be used by anyone who has never tanned at Celebrity Tan before.
  • The free tans are for one partial session in a specified level/type of beds.

Why am I always asked if I have my goggles?

  • State and Federal Law both require that you wear proper protective eyewear when tanning. We sell both regular and temporary goggles at each of our locations. • Your eye lids are too thin to block out the UV rays, and they can penetrate a towel so it does not help to just cover your eyes either

I was told that I could not take my child in to the tanning room with me. Why is that?

  • Under State & Federal Law, you are not allowed to have any other person in the room with you when you are tanning. This includes children. We do enforce these laws as requested, and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause.

I left something in the room that I tanned in last time. How can I see if someone found it?

  • Anytime we find anything in the rooms, we keep the item in our store’s Lost & Found. Either call or visit the store you might have left the item at and they will be more than happy to search the Lost & Found for you.
  • Keep in mind that we also offer UV-Free tanning alternatives, which are a wonderful option in place of or addition to tanning in our regular tanning boothes. Please see our stores for details.

Do I need to make an appointment to tan?

  • No. Each one of our store locations has roughly 20 beds available to help prevent you from having to wait when you come in. So, there is no need to call ahead to schedule an appointment…just come & go as you like.

I can only come before or after I go to work. Will you be open then?

  • Yes! Every one of our store locations is open from 10am  until  10pm during the week, and 10am to 6pm Saturday, and 10am to 4pm on Sundays!
  • We do close for major holidays, and will post a notice of any closings on the front door of each store ahead of time.

What do I need to bring with me if I want to start tanning at Celebrity Tan?

  • If you have never tanned with us before, you will need to bring a valid picture ID with you.
  • If you are under 18, you will also need to bring a parent with you.
  • We also require you to provide a credit/debit card or voided check if you plan to sign up for a monthly auto-draft membership.

Do I have to tan at the store where I signed up?

  • No. Once you sign up at one of our Celebrity Tan locations, you are free to tan at whichever location is most convenient to you at that time.

Tanning Packages Sharing

Can I give my friend some of my tanning packages since they want some?

  • No, we do not allow splitting or sharing of packages
  • We do offer a tanning package to meet everyone’s needs, so be sure to have them talk to one of our trained employees to set them up with the best option