Level 2 – Champ

The Winner Takes it all

All Get in shape with a real Champ!  Featuring 38 120 watt Soltron high-tech lamps, 3, 400 watt facial tanners, unique Soltron 2 PSR filter technology and intuitive reflex neck tanner, the Soltron S Series offers pure power.

Add the high quality mirco-effect varnish, too-hip Champ thematic mold and soothing way-cool Soltron fan and you have one awesome, attention grabbing, high performance, lean, mean, tanning machine!

Facts and Figures

Total Power: 9,800 Watts
15 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule3 Facial Tanners at 400 watts each with PSR Technology
38 Soltron High-tech, 2-meter long lamps at 120 Watts each in the canopy
Reflex Neck Tanner

1 Theme Element in “Champ” Design
Micro-effect Varnish

Soltron Fan
Stereo Speakers in Canopy