Level I – Touchdown


Watch out! The leader of the low-pressure division has arrivede! Lightening quick and power packed with 20-100 watt lamps in the base and 18-120 watt 2 meter lamps in the canopy.  The Touchdown will drive every kick-off deep into its opponents end zone.  With its effective and powerful Soltron fan, this S-Series quarterback is sure to have tanning fans standing in their seats!

Perfectly suited for winning, due to its impressive apperance, micro-effective finish and athletic features, the Touchdown will produce winning results every time.  Consider the Super Bowl won!






Facts and Figures

Total Power: 4,160 Watts
20 Minute Maximum Exposure Schedule
18 Soltron High-tech, 2-meter long lamps at 120 Watts each in the canopy
20 Soltron High-tech lamps at 100 Watts each in the base
Reflex Neck Tanner

1 Theme Element in “Touchdown” Design
Micro-effect Varnish

Soltron Fan
Stereo Speakers in Canopy